Most frequently asked questions regarding your holidays in Casa Piccola:


  • Question 1: How many people can stay in Casa Piccola?

  • Question 2: Are children allowed?

  • Question 3: Are pets allowed?

  • Question 4: I have allergies, are there animals on the property?

  • Question 5: What must I do to rent Casa Piccola?

  • Question 6: Can I rent Casa Piccola for a longer period of time?

  • Question 7: Is there a minimum rent period?

  • Question 8: When do I pay the rent?

  • Question 9: How do I pay the rent?

  • Question 10: What transportation do I use to get to Casa Piccola?

  • Question 11: Where can I park my car?

  • Question 12: Who else lives on the property?

  • Question 13: Must I bring my own linens or towels?

  • Question 14: What is included in the rental?

  • Question 15: Are the beds soft or hard?

  • Question 16: How is the bathroom equipped?

  • Question 17: Is Casa Piccola heated?

  • Question 18: Is Casa Piccola air conditioned?

  • Question 19: Do I have my own porch?

  • Question 20: How far is it to the next town?

  • Question 21: What shopping facilities are available there?

  • Question 22: How far is it to Palma?

  • Question 23: How far is it to the beach?

  • Question 24: What sports facilities are in the vicinity?

  • Question 25: What facilities are on the property?

  • Question 26: Can I cook in Casa Piccola?

  • Question 27: Do I have a separate entrance?

  • Question 28: How far is it to the airport?


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Answer 1:  Maximum two.

         Answer 2: Yes, if the child is older than twelve and accompanied by an adult.

         Answer 3:  Sorry, no.

         Answer 4: Yes, two cats. One dog.

         Answer 5 Please check for availability per email; book your flight, provide us with the details and we will confirm reservation by fax or email.

        Answer 6: Under normal circumstances no.

         Answer 7: Yes, one week minimum.

         Answer 8: Upon arrival.

        Answer 9: In cash, please.

         Answer 10: We recommend hiring a car.

         Answer 11: Outside the property, at the entrance.

         Answer 12: The owners.

         Answer 13: No, not necessary. Casa Piccola has all the linens you need.

         Answer 14:  The complete use of the rental unit, totally furnished, including two television sets, fully-equipped kitchen, central heating, gas, electricity and water. Use of the swimming pool, parking in front of the house.

         Answer 15:  The mattresses are firm, of excellent quality and provide the best sleeping comfort.

         Answer 16:  The bathroom has ample space; with a hand basin, shower stall, urinal, toilet and shelves for your toiletries. There is also a built-in safe for your valuables.

         Answer 17:  Yes, through central heating with a separate thermostat.

         Answer 18: No, but the screened windows which can be opened and a fan provide a cool breeze at night.

         Answer 19:  Yes, there is a small enclosed patio for your own use with a table, four chairs, two lounge chairs and a parasol.

         Answer 20:  Only 3km to Llucmajor.

         Answer 21:  Llucmajor has a fresh produce market three times a week. You will also find numerous coffee shops, a few nice restaurants, supermarkets, petrol stations, and a couple of interesting boutiques.

         Answer 22:  Palma is only twenty minutes away by car.

         Answer 23:  The most beautiful beach on the island, Es Trenc is about a half-hour drive by car towards the south, for a quick dip in the ocean, the Playa de Palma is only twelve minutes away by car.

         Answer 24:  There are two 18-hole golf courses, tennis and volleyball courts at the Marriott Resort Son Antem, just ten minutes away from the house. There are bycicle rentals and horseback riding facilities in the nearby area.

         Answer 25: A swimming pool.

         Answer 26:  Yes, you will find everything you need for preparing uncomplicated holiday meals, from the juicer to a combination oven-microwave.

         Answer 27:  Casa Piccola and the main house are accessed through the main gate. Each house has its own entrance and Casa Piccola also has a door between the patio and the living area.

         Answer 28:   The airport is only a twelve minute drive from Casa Piccola. It lies between Palma and Llucmajor.